Werde Mitglied bei der Ulmer AIDS-Hilfe
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Do you like what we do, and do you want to support us? You do not want to just make a donation, but you do not have time to volunteer with us? If you answer these questions with “yes”, becoming a member of our non-profit association is the very thing for you. Being a member of the AIDS-Hilfe Ulm means that you pay a membership fee, which is tax-deductible, and you have a vote on decisions at the members’ meeting. Furthermore, you can participate in the election of the board and even run for the board giving you a stronger say in the future of the association. 

Karin Ruess

Karin Rueß



Leitung der Geschäftsstelle. Zuständig für: Finanzen, Bürokommunikation, Fundraising, Berichtwesen, Mitgliedschaft und Mitarbeiterverwaltung.