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Our test offer at the Checkpoint Ulm in Furttenbachstrasse. 14, 89077 Ulm always on the first and second Wednesday evening of the month.
Prices since 2021:
HIV laboratory test 15 €
HIV rapid test € 20
HIV rapid test + syphilis laboratory test 25 €
Syphilis laboratory test € 8
Hepatitis C laboratory test 15 €
Hepatitis B laboratory test € 15
Hepatitis B vaccination titre 15 €
Chlamydia / gonococci € 20 per test combined laboratory test (throat or anal swab or vaginal swab or urine sample)
STI test package € 50
All tests are carried out anonymously. Every test is preceded by a personal consultation. Medical staff are present on the test evening. You can call up the results of the laboratory tests one week later.

Tests at the Checkpoint Ulm are only possible with prior appointment. Appointments can be made by email checkpoint@aidshilfe-ulm.de. After making an appointment, please fill out the online questionnaire at home with your call number. (Click here for the online questionnaire.)
According to the new Corona regulation, the 3G rule now applies to the test evening at the Checkpoint Ulm.
Participation is only possible for those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested.

If you have the Luca app for contact tracking of chains of infection, you can use it during your visit, otherwise we ask you to fill out a contact form that is not visible to us.

New offer: HIV rapid test during the day

You can also take a rapid HIV test from Monday to Thursday after making an appointment with AIDS-Hilfe Ulm.

Please make an appointment by mail checkpoint@aidhilfe-ulm.de

The HIV rapid test is anonymous and costs 20 euros.

According to the new Corona regulation, the 3G rule now applies to the test evening at the Checkpoint Ulm. Participation is only possible for those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested.      
Please only request the advice center with FFP2 mouth-nose protection.
Please do not come if you feel sick and / or have cold / flu symptoms!

Dates for 2021

always from 18:00 – 20:00 o'clock

The Dates for 2021:

06.10. & 13.10.2021

03.11., 10.11 & 24.11..2021


However, the test procedure has changed.
Visits to the Checkpoint Ulm are now only possible with an appointment.
Under the following conditions, personal counseling sessions and tests for sexually transmitted diseases can be offered every 1st and 2nd Wednesday of the month at the checkpoint:     Make an appointment in advance by email
After making an appointment, please fill in at home   the online questionnaire with your call number.      
Click here for the online questionnaire. You can find the rest of the procedure and information under Current.

You find the Checkpoint at the AIDS Hilfe, Furttenbachstr. 14, 89077 Ulm (Entrance at the corner Zinglerstraße).

The most important information on tests at a glance

An overview, more informations under "Topics"

If you are afraid of having been infected with HIV, you should seek advice. In the case of an actual HIV infection risk, an HIV test will provide assurance. • Knowing of an HIV infection allows timely access to effective treatment options. • Inform yourself about possible social and legal disadvantages following an HIV test or a positive test result during the consultation session. • It is your free choice whether you want to get tested or not. No one is allowed to perform an HIV test without your knowledge and your consent. You must not be forced to perform an HIV test. • Using a laboratory test, which detects antibodies and parts of the virus (antigen), an HIV infection can be certainly excluded already six weeks after the risk situation. Using a rapid test or just an antibody-based test an HIV infection can be certainly excluded three months after the risk situation. • An HIV test is no preventive action. You can only protect yourself following the Safer Sex and Safer Use rules.



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Terminvereinbarung für den Checkpoint Ulm

0731 / 790 630-2920

Termine für Beratungen und Testungen können Sie ganz einfach per Mail vereinbaren.

Telefonisch sind wir in der Regel montags bis donnerstags zwischen 18:00 Uhr und 20:00 Uhr erreichbar.

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Haben Sie die Mitteilung Ihres Ergebnisses verpasst, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte per Mail um einen neuen Termin zu vereinbaren.


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