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The times of crisis also call on us to adapt our prevention offers to the current situation. Since we are not allowed to come to your school or classroom to hold a prevention event on the subject of HIV, we are now offering this online for your students. In one hour we provide diversified, informative and easy-to-understand information about the HIV virus, transmission routes, HIV test and protection. At the end the students can get rid of their questions. During the event, the students have the opportunity to work interactively and contribute their knowledge of HIV and HIV transmission. Our online HIV prevention is a wonderful option to stay in contact with young people even in times of crisis and to pass on current knowledge about HIV or to reduce old insecurities about HIV-positive people. Make an appointment with us from January 2021.


Bernhard Eberhardt

Public relations

Diplom Sozialarbeiter (FH)

Prevention events, campaigns for World AIDS Day, press and media work, website